Asha Weld



Markets and Applications

We create cylinder valves tailored to a diverse range of uses, each necessitating distinct operational components, mechanisms, construction materials, flow specifications, and pressure ratings. 

These products are categorized within their respective applications, grouped by valve series, which adhere to shared regulatory approvals, design standards, materials, and performance attributes.

Our valves find utility in a diverse spectrum of applications and market segments, encompassing Industrial Gases, Medical Gases, Fire Fighting, Chlorine, and other Corrosive Gases, Speciality Gases, Residual Pressure Valves (RPVs), Refrigerant Gases, and Breathable Air (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus – SCBA).

Applications and Market Segments

Encompassing Industrial Gases

Medical Gases

Fire Fighting

Chlorine & Other Corrosive Gases

Speciality Gases

Residual Pressure Valves (RPVs)

Refrigerant Gases & Breathable Air ( SCBA)